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The Hazards of Recommending

By | January 30, 2009

Think twice before you agree to recommend someone on LinkedIn. They may be a logic bomber. You may have already read about the fired Fannie Mae sysadmin who allegedly placed a virus in the mortgage giant’s software. The virus was a bad one: it was set to execute at 9 a.m. Jan. 31, first disabling Fannie Mae’s computer… Read More »

IBM. It’s About the Service, Stoopid

By | November 28, 2005

I’m no great fan of big companies. They’re rarely innovative, their products are lousy, and unless you know how to get around them, they don’t like talking to customers. But some get it. Or at least, they used to. When I came out to Indonesia a second time, in 1998, I did two things. I got an IBM ThinkPad,… Read More »

Email Marketers Peer Into Your Inbox

By | July 13, 2004

Email marketers can now peer into your inbox to see whether their emails are getting through. ExactTarget, an Indianopolis-based company that “delivers on-demand email software solutions for permission- based email marketing” to companies like The Home Depot, General Mills, Scotts and Bristol-Myers Squibb is now offering a service that peers into users’ inboxes at their local ISP to… Read More »

Silly Error Messages

By | May 2, 2004

From the Silly Error Messages Dept, AT&T tell me access to my AT&T Global email account is suspended. Or is it? Processing of registration requests is temporarily unavailable. Will be available again now. Thank you for your patience. (DBS0062E) Um…. Related Posts:iTunes 5 and the Ordinal 21 Error September 10, 2005 WhatsApp: Silly Money or New Front in… Read More »