Monthly Archives: April 2007

Football: The New Kremlinology

Following football these days feels more like Kremlinology — trying to read into the minds of managers, players defecting like scientists and ‘agents’ cutting deals in exotic locales via dead letter boxes. As usual, in such games, information is power, which is why I liked this throwaway line from a Guardian report about this weekend’s… Read More »


Lifehacker points to how to turn your old Moleskine into a hard drive casing. Not only cool, but useful for hiding your back up in a bookcase. clipped from

The Limits of the Ribbon Revolution

The Microsoft Office Ribbon is really starting to take off. I’ve seen it in three applications in the past two days: a mindmapping program (I’m under embargo so can’t say which one), SmartDraw 2007, and even something like Mindomo ( review here), an online mindmapping program. Here is a bunch of other programs using the Ribbon:… Read More »

How To Remember Stuff

I long suspected this was the case, and now we’ve proof: Try too hard to remember something and you can almost feel yourself forgetting it. Stop trying to remember and it will come back. Of course, this could be extended to other mental activity: Your brain can only cope with so much stuff, so better… Read More »