Monthly Archives: October 2004

Phishing Airmiles?

By | October 29, 2004

As long as people think of phishing as stealing financial data, no one’s safe. Take this email I just received from Virgin Atlantic after signing up for their Flying Club frequent flier program. It’s a great example of how a user could be duped into giving up personal information (including, but not necessarily, financial data) via a socially… Read More »

Sad News For The Review

By | October 28, 2004

Sad news: As of today, the Far Eastern Economic Review, primary home to the Loose Wire column for the past few years, has ceased publishing as a weekly magazine. That means that the column will move elseswhere, although readers will continue to be able to read it online. For FEER and other readers, please do drop me… Read More »

How To Phish Google

By | October 25, 2004

I’ve long believed that phishing emails are just the beginning of a new kind of fraud which is likely to be sophisticated and fast moving. Here’s an example of what they might look like, courtesty of a British computer scientist called Jim Ley, written up at the security website Netcraft. Ley, Netcraft says, “has demonstrated that opportunities exist… Read More »

Dialer Scams And Heads In The Sand

By | October 23, 2004

I can’t help feeling that telephone companies and Internet Service Providers are in real danger of legal action if they don’t tackle the problem of modem dialing. This NBC5 story from Chicago quotes a local woman as complaining about a series of weird calls to her phone company, SBC. The answer: “They didn’t know too much about it.… Read More »

Yahoo! Buys Bloomba

By | October 22, 2004

Yahoo! has bought Stata Labs, the guys behind Bloomba an excellent email program that is more of a database. In a statement the company said they “intend to continue supporting Stata Labs’ existing customers for one year from the date of product purchase”. They said that while there is no word on what Yahoo! will do with Bloomba,… Read More »