Monthly Archives: November 2003

Update: More On The Dutch Spam Wars

By | November 28, 2003

 Further to my post about the war between a spammer and three Dutch bloggers, I’ve heard from one of the bloggers, Bas Taart: I was one of the three bloggers that started the war on CustomerBlast (The spammer), and for the record, I’d like to say that I never went offline due to counterattacks. however, seems to… Read More »

Update: Diebold Withdraws E-voting Suit?

By | November 27, 2003

 Further to my column about e-voting a few weeks back, Diebold, maker of electronic voting machines, has apparently withdrawn its suit against an ISP and some individuals for posting leaked company documents about some of the problems with their system. Stanford Law School reports that Diebold had filed papers with the court saying it ?has decided not to… Read More »

News: Segway’s First Hit And Run

By | November 27, 2003

 A Segway rider in San Francisco hit a 3-year-old girl while riding — illegally — on one of the city’s sidewalks, ABC reports. The man fled the scene (on his Segway).     The police says it expects to be able to quickly track down the suspect by contacting Segway, and obtaining a list of San Francisco Segway… Read More »

News: Google In A Mess?

By | November 26, 2003

 There’s an interesting piece in Fortune, apparently, on how Google is a company “in disarray”.     The Register reports that several big names have left because of “the juvenile company culture”: No one pays any attention at meetings, because they’re fiddling with their toys, reports Fortune.  

News: More Broadband For Cute Sounding Villages

By | November 26, 2003

 I wrote a few weeks back in my column about how a village in Northamptonshire, England, overcame the failure of the national carrier, BT, to install broadband by building their own Wi-Fi network. Neighbouring villages have taken a different route.   The BBC reports that Middleton Cheney, Byfield and some other Northants villages will have access to a… Read More »