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Radio Australia Topics, Feb 27 2009

Here’s what I’m talking about on today’s Breakfast Club: Mac PowerBook explodes: the dangers of laptops. Here’s what it might look like. Nettops: the new new thing? Jack Straw, MP, gets hacked by scammers. German villagers turn on street lights with a phone call.

Making Networks Do the Work

I don’t get overly excited about plug-ins but I think Xoopit may have shifted us into a new gear. As part of a course I teach on journalist tools I do a demo of Gmail. I talk about it being the new desktop. But I’m only showing the bare bones of the thing: labels, filters,… Read More »

Radio Australia Topics, Feb 20 2009

Here’s what I’m talking about on today’s (shortened) Breakfast Club: Facebook backtracks on privacy policy after user uproar. I’m not convinced users really understand the bigger picture Hurray. Mobile phone makers agree to make a single charger.  

Virus Grounds French Fighters

Here’s more evidence of how vulnerable armed forces are to software attacks, intended or not. The French navy’s fighter jets “were unable to download their flight plans after databases were infected by a Microsoft virus they had already been warned about several months beforehand,” according to the Telegraph: However, the French navy admitted that during… Read More »