Monthly Archives: August 2008

How to Browse Securely

Nowadays most bad stuff lands on our computer when we’re browsing. Here’s how to stop it. By Jeremy Wagstaff Visit a dodgy website using Microsoft Windows XP or earlier and what’s called malware—a catchall term that ranges from code that pops up annoying ads at you to really bad stuff that turn your computer into… Read More »

The Pitfalls of Facebook

Facebook just grew up and gave some of its users a shock they probably deserve. You might even have been one of them. You may have received a message from a friend already on Facebook; something that doesn’t sound like them, but hey, they might have been out partying when they wrote it: “have you… Read More »

Some Early Lessons from The Georgian Cyberwar

illustration fron Arbor Networks There’s some interesting writing going about the Georgian Cyberwar. This from VNUnet, which seems to confirms my earlier suspicion that this was the first time we’re seeing two parallel wars:  “We are witnessing in this crisis the birth of true, operational cyber warfare,” said Eli Jellenc, manager of All-Source Intelligence at… Read More »