The Real Threat from AI

We are asleep at the wheel when it comes to AI, partly because we have a very poor understanding of ourselves. We need to get better – fast 2023-01-27 Clarification: I refer to ChatGPT throughout but it would be more accurate to call the interaction as being with GPT-3, the underlying technology driving ChatGPT, which… Read More »

Coming to terms with terms (Digitisation)

There’s lots of grey when it comes to three terms that as a journalist I used rarely because they were such turn-offs to readers and editors alike. But companies like them and they’re useful, up to a point, to help us understand this process we’re going through. The terms are digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation.… Read More »

What lies ahead

What lies ahead? That’s a dangerous game, in this era, as I suggested in 2020 (The Changes A-coming). But with an eye on the tech future, I thought I’d rummage around in the basement of gadgets, and content, and the mechanisms to both deliver content to gadgets and for the gadgets themselves to be something… Read More »