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Where Did That Email Come From?

By | March 25, 2005

An interesting new tool from the guys behind the controversial DidTheyReadIt?: LocationMail. (For some posts on DidTheyReadIt, check out here, here, here and here.) LocationMail tells you where e-mail was sent from. It uses the most accurate data in the world to analyze your e-mail, trace it, and look up where the sender was when the message was sent. Find… Read More »

The Grim Reality Of The Phishers

By | March 1, 2005

Good piece in this month’s US Banker magazine on phishing. Some tidbits: Phishing is getting more and more sophisticated. I’ve detailed some of those tricks in this blog, but here’s one I hadn’t heard of: Crooks [the unfortunately named Ted Crooks, vp of identity protection solutions at Fair Isaac] says that “the level of cleverness is disturbing.” He… Read More »

Putting Spam Inside Your Email: SpEmail?

By | March 1, 2005

Here’s a novel way to get advertising into email without calling it spam: RelevantMail. RelevantMail, from a company called RelevantAds, inserts contextual ads into emails very much as Gmail does. Only the folk doing the inserting are your ISP: RelevantMail provides a new high quality way to distribute advertisements to consumers while providing a much needed revenue stream… Read More »

A Better Way To Measure The Spam Flood

By | December 7, 2004

Here’s an interesting take on spam which helps illustrate how big a problem it has become. Florida-based email service ZeroSpam Net (0SpamNet) says (via email, afraid no URL available at time of writing) that current methods of measuring spam, as a percentage of total email traffic, has become meaningless. Two years ago, seeing Spam grow from 60% to… Read More »

Scams, Dialers And Urban Myths

By | December 2, 2004

When is a scam a scam or an urban myth? Dinah Greek of Computeractive writes that Britain’s premium rate line watchdog is being inundated with calls from worried consumers about scams that turn out to be untrue. One email warns of a scam that says people have received a recorded message on their phone informing them that they… Read More »