Monthly Archives: December 2004

Indonesian Tsunami Relief Effort

By | December 29, 2004

I’m not in Indonesia at the moment, but my thoughts are with those tens of thousands of people in Aceh and the rest of Sumatra island, coping with the aftereffects of the tsunami. For those of you wishing to make contributions to the relief effort, one organisation is worth considering: Radio 68H, a network of independent radio stations… Read More »

Building Social Quirks Into Design

By | December 23, 2004

At my Mum’s house, and my childhood home, we have this quirk in the kitchen where the dish washer door comes down and pretty much blocks the kitchen entrance. To a designer, or someone carrying a heavy tray past, this might seem like a flaw. I’ve realised it’s not, and that designers, if they’re not already, should consider… Read More »

‘Tis The Season Of The Large Christmas Email Attachment

By | December 23, 2004

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas greetings via email, but then again I’m useless at sending cards too, so I’m not a good person to talk about this. But while I’m guessing the online Christmas card industry is not doing very well this year because of phishing (there have been more than a few examples of phishers… Read More »

Loose Wires

By | December 21, 2004

Just a note to subscribers who have been asking why some of the recent columns haven’t showed up on my corner of The problem is now fixed, and you can see them here: My piece on VoIP from December 10 My piece on the Phisher King from December 17 Apologies for the delay. There won’t be a column… Read More »