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Podcast: The Future of Interfaces

By | January 24, 2010

Is the future of interface design one involving, flicking, flailing arms and grunts? A weekly column I recorded for the BBC World Service Business Daily (the Business Daily podcast is here.) To listen to the podcast, click on the button below. To subscribe, click here. Loose Wireless 100120 To listen to Business Daily on the radio, tune into… Read More »

Skype’s New Dawn?

By | January 18, 2010

We talk about Facebook, twitter, MySpace and Friendster as the big social networks but we keep forgetting one that is far bigger than that: Skype. This from a Bloomberg piece on Skype’s vacillating fortunes: Skype has soared in popularity since it started in 2003 and has about 548 million users worldwide—more than Facebook, MySpace and Twitter combined. Pretty… Read More »

Podcast: Google’s China War, and Apple’s Eye Popper?

By | January 16, 2010

This podcast is from my weekly slot on Radio Australia Today with Phil Kafcaloudes and Adelaine Ng: The Google/China spat. How bad were the cyberattacks?  Speculation about Apple’s next move: could we soon be controlling our computers with our eyes? To listen to the podcast, click on the button below. To subscribe, click here. Loose  Wireless 100115 I appear… Read More »

Facebook in Asia: A Limit to Growth?

By | January 13, 2010

Here are the latest figures for Facebook populations in Asia-Pacific: Country Users Australia    7,395,200 New Zealand  1,279,260 Indonesia    15,254,060  Singapore    1,763,340 Malaysia    4,155,880 Philippines    8,667,880 Thailand    2,000,320 Hong Kong 2,565,440 China    60,440 India 5,459,440 While there’s no doubt that Facebook is the premier social networking site in most Asia-Pacific countries, with subscription growing by about 20% in the… Read More »