Monthly Archives: September 2009

Filling the Tablet Hole

This is a guest post by my old friend and collaborator, Robin Lubbock I’m still waiting for this hole in the market to fill in. It’s the tablet hole. The space for a viewer/reader/player about the size of a novel. It’s easy to type on, it runs apps like an iPhone and everybody’s going to… Read More »

The Pain of Fingers Dancing on a Touchpad

Before I leave the poor folks at Nokia alone, I must take issue with one more thing about their promotional videos for their new Booklet. Touchpads are mostly poorly used; I’ve only seen a handful of people who can use them well (I’m not one) and more quickly than a mouse. If you’re going to… Read More »

How Not to Disintermediate

With traditional media on the rocks, there are lots of opportunities for companies and organisations to  disintermediate: to project themselves directly to the public. Indeed, in some ways, this is the future. But here’s how not to do it: to put a guy from the PR department in front of one of the senior folks… Read More »