Monthly Archives: September 2008

Google Suggest: Your Company + Scam

I find that the auto suggestions feature from Google Suggest in the Firefox search box very useful. But perhaps not in the way it was intended. Google Suggest works via algorithms that “use a wide range of information to predict the queries users are most likely to want to see. For example, Google Suggest uses… Read More »

An Answer to Our Scanning Prayers?

  I’m always amazed at how weak the market for scanners is. The devices aren’t always that good, and the software that accompanies them is generally speaking pretty awful. Those that were once good, like PaperMaster, are now dead. So it’s good to hear that NeatReceipts, once interested mainly in, well, scanning receipts, is now… Read More »

How to Give Visitors Your Location

However good your directions may be, there’s nothing like a map to show people where you are. But it’s fiddly, and usually they’ve already left home by the time they realise they don’t actually know where you live. Here’s a great and simple way to include a map of your location with your directions and… Read More »

links for 2008-09-24

Aaron Koblin – Work some very cool visualisations of data–and surprising sources, including 8000 people drawing sheep for two cents on Mechanical Turk. Go figure (tags: web visualization interaction inspiration dataviz map) Yahoo! Glue – Web Search interesting multiple search and virtual page creation tool from Yahoo–but available only via the Indian domain, apparently (tags:… Read More »