Monthly Archives: November 2005

Zone Labs to Offer Sygate, Kerio Users a Deal

From a press release emailed to me by Zone Labs, makers of Zone Alarm: The personal firewall market is currently undergoing a major shift, with Symantec set to retire the Sygate line of personal firewalls tomorrow (including the free version and Sygate Pro), and Kerio discontinuing its personal firewall at the end of December to… Read More »

“Your Call Is Important To Us. Really.”

Paul English’s website about about getting around ‘interactive voice response’ phone systems (where you talk and a computer listens) is already triggering industry rebuttals, like this one from – Top 5 Reasons NOT to Zero Out of an IVR System (via Dan Gillmor): If you’ve visited Paul English’s website, you’ve learned how to “zero out” of… Read More »

The Air Guitar

There’s only one thing worse than air guitarists and that’s people who make fun of air guitarists. It’s a hallowed tradition going back to Jagger, Bowie and Noddy Holder. And now it’s technically feasible, thanks to the Finns who have made air guitarists’ rock dreams come true: The Virtual Air Guitar project, developed at the… Read More »

Tags for Sale to Fund a Wedding

Lame gimmick or wave of the future? Entrepreneur Launches Web’s First Tag Directory to Raise Money for His Wedding:  A Canadian entrepreneur wants to raise funds for his wedding by listing websites on his account for $20 per listing. Patrick Ryan, 37, and his fiancée have been dating for 5 years; he hopes that… Read More »