Monthly Archives: December 2006

A Read/Write Web? Sometimes

By | December 21, 2006

Another good piece over at Read/WriteWeb about the coming shift to the browser as the only program you’ll need, when all applications come from online. But, frankly, they’re going to have to get a lot better before that happens. I love, for example, Google Calendar, and have foolishly started relying on it. At least, until it stopped behaving… Read More »

Getting Your Treo in Sync via USB

By | December 21, 2006

Here’s another one of those public service announcements for a very specific problem. Skip it if you haven’t had problems not being able to synchronize your Treo with a PC. In some cases an error message will appear “USB device not recognized” or somesuch. Here’s what worked for my Treo 650, after lots of messing about with more… Read More »

Podcast: How To Find Your Way Around

By | December 16, 2006

Here’s something I recorded for the BBC World Service Business Daily show on StumbleUpon, a service that allows you to wander the Internet via signposts left by others. Email me if you’d like the transcript If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed of this podcast you can do so here, or it can be found on… Read More »

Seasons’ PR Greetings

By | December 15, 2006

It’s that time of year: Lots of Christmas greetings messages from PR folk. I don’t want to sound like Scrooge, but I’m never quite clear why they bother with these things. Nokia sent me a link to a flash message with lots of phones doing stuff and thanks for “my continued support for Nokia”. A nice sentiment, though… Read More »