One thought on “Cancelling: From Ease to Sleaze

  1. Paul

    Only 15 minutes wasted -that’s nothing. Waiting for so-called “customer service” often takes longer. The other day it took me 45 minutes on the phone to fix a problem that my mobile phone provider had caused.

    Sometimes you can’t even wait. Yesterday I rang my bank and selected from Press 1 to 9 options then I listened to the alternatives on this 2nd level and made my choice then got a message “we’re experiencing a large number of calls. Please call back later” followed by CLICK as the call was disconnected. I bet that you can’t guess what happened to me when I called back later.

    After several days of calling back, I was finally connected to a real person who told me that they could not handle my problem on the phone and that I would need to go to a local branch of the bank.


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