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The Publisher Audience

By | April 26, 2010

By Robin Lubbock For years I’ve been meaning to write this post, but it seemed so obvious that I kept neglecting to write this thought down. I am the publisher. You are the publisher. Anyone with a screen is the publisher. That changes everything. It moves institutions that are publishers on paper or on the air one step… Read More »

The Future of Paper

By | January 16, 2006

The Observer has an interesting piece on the future of the book. For some the future of the book is electronic: [Bloomsbury chairman Nigel] Newton is certain that ‘within seven to 10 years, 50 per cent of all book sales will be downloads. When the e-reader emerges as a mass-market item, the shift will be very rapid indeed. It… Read More »

How To Trace The Source of a Hard Copy

By | October 20, 2005

Good piece by AP on a Electronic Frontier Foundation report saying that tracking codes in color laser printers have been cracked. The report points to dots embedded in Xerox’s color laser printers that appear on the printed page, which can then be traced back to particular printers: By analyzing test pages printed out by supporters worldwide and by staffers… Read More »

Recycling Publishers’ Rejection Letters

By | September 27, 2005

I’ve been looking at Printing on Demand recently — more of which anon — and was pleased to see there’s now a way to recycle publishers’ rejection letters By Printing Them On Toilet Paper: Now, authors whose work has met similar rejection are getting the chance to put it behind them and simultaneously start to get even —… Read More »

Another Way To Clean Up Text

By | May 24, 2005

I’m a huge fan of Text Monkey, a small program which allows you to clean up text copied from elsewhere. It’s a godsend, but it’s not the only one out there. Text Cleanup does the same thing, but also cleans up Acrobat PDF files, particularly all the extra line breaks that Acrobat puts in, and restor[ing] the paragraphs to… Read More »