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5G’s Achilles Heel: Heat

By | October 7, 2019

5G promises a lot. a mobile internet of things, new immersive VR and AR experiences, lower latency, washboard stomachs. But something the industry isn’t addressing is that the devices themselves heat up. A lot. This from Digits to Dollars‘ Jonathan Goldberg:  5G phones get hot. Really hot. Probably not hot enough to ignite your battery (probably), but enough… Read More »

Connected cows, cars and crockery prod chip mega mergers

By | June 9, 2015

My Reuters piece attempting to place the recent chip mergers in a longer timeline. Yes, I hate the term internet of things too.  Connected cows, cars and crockery prod chip mega mergers | Reuters: SINGAPORE/TAIPEI | BY JEREMY WAGSTAFF AND MICHAEL GOLD Chip companies are merging, signing $66 billion worth of deals this year alone in preparation for… Read More »

BBC: The Rise of Disappearables

By | May 10, 2015

The transcript of my BBC World Service piece on wearables. Reuters original story here.  Forget ‘wearables’, and even ‘hearables’, if you’ve ever heard of them. The next big thing in mobile devices: ‘disappearables’. Unless it really messes up, Apple is going to do for wearables with the Watch what is has done with the iPod for music players,… Read More »