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The Internet of Things Could Kill You, Or At Least Jab You With A Screwdriver

By | November 27, 2017

  Lucas and his killer robots. Photo: JW (This is the transcript of my BBC World Service piece which ran today. The original Reuters story is here.)  I’m sure you’ve seen those cute little humanoid robots around? They’re either half size, or quarter size, they look like R2D2, and if you believe the ads, they could play with… Read More »

Right Ears, Masked Passwords and Nail Printing

By | June 26, 2009

I have actually been appearing on Radio Australia’s Breakfast Club pretty much every Friday—around 1.15 GMT–for the past year or so, but don’t always remember to post the links to the things I talk about (or intend to; there’s not always time). Here’s to trying to remember to do it (and audio, now it’s available.) Researchers in Italy… Read More »

Customer Abuse in Exotic Locales, Part I

By | August 14, 2007

HP have long been fighting a battle against refill cartridges, especially in my part of the world. But I think they’re going too far in this case — abusing customers and damaging their credibility and brand in the process.   Recently I received spam in my inbox from the website, in Indonesian, inviting me to the HP Original Supplies Zone,… Read More »

You’ve Read the Column and Blog. Now Read the Book.

By | September 15, 2006

I promise I’m not going to harp on too much about this, but today marks the moment when Loose Wire becomes not just a column and a blog (and an occasional podcast) but a book. LOOSE WIRE, A Personal Guide to Making Technology Work for You is now available for pre-ordering here. The book is based around columns… Read More »

Spark That Line

By | June 30, 2006

I’m a fan of sparklines, Ed Tufte’s graphical depiction within text of numerical data (it’s more exciting than I’ve made it sound). Here’s a couple of updates: First off, The Hardball Times is using them to show a month of scores of the major U.S. baseball teams: The bars are win (up) and loss (down). But also they’ve… Read More »