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Google Isn’t Evil, It’s Just Misunderstanding Me

By | February 15, 2007

Is Google evil? This video makes a convincing case. But I say: Not as much as it used to be, if my extensive research is anything to go by. In 2004 a friend of mine stopped using Google Mail (Gmail) when she emailed a friend about getting over her ex and how her kid still talked about him,… Read More »

Thanks For Reading My Email for 13 Minutes In Wisconsin

By | May 14, 2004

Just when I started agonizing about the privacy aspects of MessageTag, a company has come along with a service that makes the mail-receipt monitoring service look like chicken-feed. MessageTag allows users to see whether and when their emails have been read by recipients. It does this by inserting what privacy advocates called a web-bug into the email —… Read More »

Spam As Revenge?

By | December 24, 2003

Is spam being used as a business weapon to damage a competitor’s reputation? Florida-based North American Liability Group, an insurance company, said yesterday it had “become aware that an unauthorized spam email was sent out about the Company by an unknown third party”. A press release issued by the company said it “has discovered that someone who identified… Read More »

News: Man Beats Donkey

By | July 18, 2003

 From the It Was a Silly Game But I Loved It Too Dept, Associated Press reports that a guy called Steve Wiebe has become the first player to get a million points on Donkey Kong Junior, the sequel to the original game.     Last week, the 32 year-old broke an 879,200-point record set last year by a… Read More »