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Didtheyreadit’s Response To Privacy Issues Part II

By | May 19, 2004

More on Alastair Rumpell’s response to my privacy concerns about his new email monitoring service, didtheyreadit.  (Here’s the first one.) I wondered how the email addresses harvested by Rampell would be used (These would include all emails sent from and to recipients via the service since as far as I can understand it didtheyreadit, unlike MSGTAG, would work… Read More »

Thanks For Reading My Email for 13 Minutes In Wisconsin

By | May 14, 2004

Just when I started agonizing about the privacy aspects of MessageTag, a company has come along with a service that makes the mail-receipt monitoring service look like chicken-feed. MessageTag allows users to see whether and when their emails have been read by recipients. It does this by inserting what privacy advocates called a web-bug into the email —… Read More »

The Perils Of AutoResponse

By | March 29, 2004

Be careful what you put in your email auto response when you head off on holiday/maternity leave/business trip. Anyone can read it. One of the the things that came out of Daniel McNamara’s travails at Code Fish was that, by having phishers put his name in the from field of one of their attacks he got swamped by… Read More »

Mail: MSGTAG Replies

By | July 29, 2003

Good software always seems to be controversial. That’s not to say there’s not two sides to the debate: Those who think Plaxo is a scam to get you to give up your private data aren’t exactly right, but they may not be exactly wrong, either: time will tell whether it becomes a great service or an intrusive nag.… Read More »

Mail: Strong Objections to MessageTag

By | July 26, 2003

Robyn Winter comments on my recent column about MessageTag: I noticed, from checking on MSGTAG’s website that you recently did an article on MSGTAG’s email tracking service. I recently received several email in which the sender utilised MSGTAG’s email tracking service. I was completely unaware that there was even any type of “read receipt” tracking until I had… Read More »