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Email Newsletters And Reputation Maintenance

By | November 19, 2004

It always surprises me how companies which try to present an image of good email practices (i.e., don’t spam) let their standards slip so easily, and their reputations with it. In June 2003 I signed up for Click2Asia, an online dating service for ethnic Asians (no I’m not Asian, but I figured living there for the past 17… Read More »

ZoEmail – The End Of Spam?

By | February 6, 2004

ZoEmail has just been launched [ZDNet article], and could change the way we send email. But is that a good thing? ZoEmail uses a special system to authenticate email. It works like this: When I, a ZoEmail user, wants to send you an e-mail, the system selects a unique “key” – a special word and number combination — and makes the… Read More »

Spam As Revenge?

By | December 24, 2003

Is spam being used as a business weapon to damage a competitor’s reputation? Florida-based North American Liability Group, an insurance company, said yesterday it had “become aware that an unauthorized spam email was sent out about the Company by an unknown third party”. A press release issued by the company said it “has discovered that someone who identified… Read More »