Play Your MP3s Underwater

I’m told that Korean MP3 manufacturer iRiver and waterproof audio specialist H20 will later this month launch what they’re calling the “First Personal MP3 Player for Action Sports. Enthusiasts can for the first time enhance their experience with music while participating in sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding and waterskiing.”

I don’t have any pictures or URLs yet, but an early copy of the press release quotes Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio as saying that “combining music with high-energy action watersports is a natural fit now all sports enthusiasts can enjoy iRiver music players just as cyclists and runners have for years.”

The H2O Audio SV i700 includes H2O Audio’s waterproof housing and is designe for iRiver’s iFP-700 Series MP3 player. The H2O Audio SV i700 housing and headphones will cost $100, and $130 with the watersport armband.

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