Police Now A Phisher’s Target?

By | August 16, 2004

Wiltshire’s finest are now onto phishing scams, thanks to the head of the county’s fraud squad receiving one himself.

World Entertainment News Network (no URL available) Sunday quoted Detective Inspector Paul Ginger of the Wiltshire police as saying : “I was amazed to receive one of these messages on my work email”, adding: “You have to admire their cheek but it just goes to show that no one is safe. Let’s make sure that nobody in Swindon or Wiltshire becomes a victim of these scams.” He does not say whether he fell for the scam.

And, in a pithy statement that pretty much sums up the advice folk should be giving out to would-be victims: “The police said that no bank or company would ask for these details as they already had them.”

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