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The Digital Fallout Of Journalistic Plagiarism and Fakery

How do you correct the Internet? All these reports of plagiarism and fakery in U.S. journalism — at least 10, according to the New York Times — raise a question I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere. What should newspapers and other publications which have carried the reports do about setting the record straight? A USA Today… Read More »

Can Software End Plagiarism?

With all this gadgetry, you’d think that plagiarism was a thing of the past. OK, it wasn’t plagiarism, more like fiction, but the point is the same: Watching Shattered Glass, the movie about fabulating New Republic ‘journalist’ Stephen Glass, the other night, I couldn’t help wondering why no one had picked up on his lies… Read More »

Forget Journalists’ Ethics, How About Scientists’?

Just in case we journalists get too depressed about recent cases of invention and plagiarism, consider scientists. Nature’s website quotes the annual report of the Committee on Publishing Ethics, which it says details misdemeanours that “cover a wide range of unethical activity, from attempted bribery to potential medical malpractice.” Two complaints concern cases where researchers… Read More »