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A Happy Ending To The Saga Of Katie.com?

By | August 7, 2004

The whole Katie.com imbroglio seems to have ended happily, or at least, is close to doing so. Katie Jones, the British owner of the website katie.com since 1996, has had a miserable four years since the publication of a book of the same name, about the true ordeal of a teenager sexually molested by a man she met in… Read More »

What Katie.com Did Next

By | August 2, 2004

Can someone be turfed off their domain by someone bigger? The experience of Katie Jones, recent mother and owner of an online chat site in the UK, has been well documented elsewhere. (Katie.com is the name of a book about the ordeal of a teenager sexually molested by a man she met in an Internet chatroom. Katie Jones… Read More »

The Digital Fallout Of Journalistic Plagiarism and Fakery

By | March 24, 2004

How do you correct the Internet? All these reports of plagiarism and fakery in U.S. journalism — at least 10, according to the New York Times — raise a question I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere. What should newspapers and other publications which have carried the reports do about setting the record straight? A USA Today report says of… Read More »