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Another Way to Blog

By | May 22, 2007

I’m always trying to rethink what a blog is, and in particular what this blog is, and we’re now probably past the five year mark, so maybe it’s time to take stock. Here are five conclusions I’ve reached about how to Blog Thoughtfully: It’s no longer about feeding the beast. I’ve tried to post once a day, but… Read More »

At The End of The Day, It’s All About Clichés

By | July 18, 2006

We journalists are a boring, predictable lot. Whether we’re in the UK, US or Australia we all use the same clichés. Well, cliché, actually: ‘at the end of the day’. Knowing I was a sucker for monitoring the Internet cliché Factiva (co-owned by Dow Jones, who owns WSJ, the paper I write for) sent me their findings, based… Read More »

Do Bloggers Have Stealth Agendas?

By | May 24, 2005

How do we know what we’re reading on a blog is written by someone without a financial or other interest? I’m not just talking right- or left-leaning, but a specific agenda, financed by someone else. It’s quite understandable that consultants blog. It’s quite understandable that people who sell things, invent things, make things or do PR for people… Read More »

A Wake, And A Wake-Up Call

By | April 24, 2005

Just got back from a ‘wake’ for the Far Eastern Economic Review, which, after 58 years, went monthly last October under the ownership of my employer, Dow Jones. I won’t get into the politics of that decision, but it did occur to me, listening to some eminent former FEER personnel talking this evening, that three things go into… Read More »

The rise and fall of the Internet cliche

By | March 17, 2005

I thought I would try out Edward Tufte’s sparklines idea as a way of presenting some research I have been doing into how the mainstream media has been covering technology over the last decade or two. I went through Factiva (part-owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and my paymaster), noting down the number of references… Read More »