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Obese Texters, Back to the Future, and Scams

By | November 14, 2008

I make an appearance on the excellent Breakfast Club show on Radio Australia each Friday at about 01:15 GMT and some listeners have asked me post links to the stuff I talk about, so here they are. Texting reduces obesity If your kids are getting a little overweight, then treat them to a bit of texting. But it’s… Read More »

links for 2008-09-24

By | September 24, 2008

Technology Review on the downside of Remote Technology But STG also encountered the dark side of that mechanical facility after deploying a hot-water system in a small village in Lesotho. Four to five months after they left, Mueller says, the system broke down after people scavenged it for parts. (tags: devtech failure developingworld appropriatetechnology) How | AddictiveTips A… Read More »

links for 2008-09-14

By | September 15, 2008

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Taxi drivers ‘have brain sat-nav’ If using your brain to navigate makes it bigger and better, than what does using satnav and other technologies do for it? (tags: transport neuroscience navigation brain) India Se Online As Non-Resident Indians (or NRIs) we are among the most educated and highest earning ethnic minorities in our… Read More »

links for 2008-09-10

By | September 11, 2008

Footnote – The place for original historical documents online Footnote.com is a place where original historical documents are combined with social networking in order to create a truly unique experience involving the stories of our past. (tags: web2.0 search resources library history) Related Posts:links for 2008-09-17 September 18, 2008 links for 2008-09-21 September 22, 2008 links for 2008-09-24… Read More »

The Predictable Human (and a Privacy Issue)

By | June 5, 2008

A study of mobile phone data shows that we are extraordinarily consistent about our movements. Mobile phone data, unsurprisingly, provides rich pickings for researchers since we carry one around with us all the time, and, unlike dollar bills, it’s more likely to stick with one person. But some have questioned the ethics of such a study. The BBC… Read More »