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Update: Outlook Email Organiser

By | September 12, 2003

 A program I’ve raved about in the past, Nelson Email Organizer, or NEO, is planning a new version. NEO works atop Outlook to help you better organise and find emails, attachments and whatever. If you use Outlook, it’s a definite boon.     Caelo say they’re close to releasing Beta versions of NEO 3.0 and NEO Pro, which… Read More »

News: The Spam Filter That Might Be

By | August 20, 2003

 Yet another spam option: Starfield Technologies, Inc., sister company of domain registrar GoDaddy.com, has announced Spam Xploder which uses Bayesian filtering technology to intercept spam at the server level before reaching a user’s mailbox. Spam Xploder works with several e-mail programs, including Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express. Folk with Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, or any IMAP- or POP3-based account can retrieve… Read More »

Mail: MSGTAG Replies

By | July 29, 2003

Good software always seems to be controversial. That’s not to say there’s not two sides to the debate: Those who think Plaxo is a scam to get you to give up your private data aren’t exactly right, but they may not be exactly wrong, either: time will tell whether it becomes a great service or an intrusive nag.… Read More »

Loose Wire — Are You Being Read Or Completely Ignored?

By | May 17, 2003

Ever found yourself wondering if the e-mail you sent your boss/aunt/long-lost friend was actually read? Here’s some new software to help you keep tabs By Jeremy Wagstaff, 22 May 2003 This column first appeared in the Far Eastern Economic Review (Copyright (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., used with permission) If you have any obsessive/compulsive tendencies, you… Read More »