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Another E-mail Tracking Option

By | February 6, 2005

I use MessageTag to let me know whether recipients have got my email or not, and while I still wonder about the privacy implications, complaints have been few and far between. A new version, I’m told, is on its way. Another option is DidTheyReadIt, which some folk (including myself) feel is far more intrusive: For one thing, recipients… Read More »

A Directory Of Windows E-mail IMAP Clients (And A Gripe)

By | January 23, 2005

I’ve been scouting around for a decent Windows e-mail program that supports Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP, but so far without success. Any suggestions? These are the ones I’ve played with so far, and while they all have their strengths, none seems to stand out: Mozilla Thunderbird: Nice, very nice, but assigning filters/rules seems clunky and the… Read More »

Yahoo! Buys Bloomba

By | October 22, 2004

Yahoo! has bought Stata Labs, the guys behind Bloomba an excellent email program that is more of a database. In a statement the company said they “intend to continue supporting Stata Labs’ existing customers for one year from the date of product purchase”. They said that while there is no word on what Yahoo! will do with Bloomba,… Read More »

Is Zip The Way To Thwart Viruses?

By | February 23, 2004

I like this idea from a Slashdot poster: Eliminate most viruses by zipping everything. It works (I think) like this: Most viruses arrive as an attachment to an email. These are called executables in that if you click on them, something happens. (As opposed to a file attachment such as a Word document, or a web page, which… Read More »

ZoEmail – The End Of Spam?

By | February 6, 2004

ZoEmail has just been launched [ZDNet article], and could change the way we send email. But is that a good thing? ZoEmail uses a special system to authenticate email. It works like this: When I, a ZoEmail user, wants to send you an e-mail, the system selects a unique “key” – a special word and number combination — and makes the… Read More »