Update: Outlook Email Organiser

By | September 12, 2003
 A program I’ve raved about in the past, Nelson Email Organizer, or NEO, is planning a new version. NEO works atop Outlook to help you better organise and find emails, attachments and whatever. If you use Outlook, it’s a definite boon.
Caelo say they’re close to releasing Beta versions of NEO 3.0 and NEO Pro, which will deliver “a redesigned user interface, new global filtering capabilities, improved views with more flexibility for organizing and faster, more scalable searching with additional search parameters.”
I have to be honest: While I loved the program I found in the end that Outlook just was not the email client for me. I use Courier, although The Bat is just into version 2.0 so I’ll give that a try. Experiment. Email should be what you want it to be.

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