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Spanish Mules

By | July 14, 2005

Four Spanish ‘mules’ have apparently been arrested in Valladolid, according to an AFP report: Four face charges over phishing fraud : Four people face charges in Spain after police uncovered an internet banking fraud believed to be conducted by computer experts in Eastern Europe. However, the four who face charges in Valladolid, in northern Spain, were seen as… Read More »

Plea: Anyone Hit By Brand-Spoofing?

By | November 26, 2003

If anyone has been hit by the recent wave of ‘brand-spoofing’ spam or viruses — particularly those that appear to be from a bank, or from Paypal or eBay — could they please drop me a line? I’m very interested in following up on some of these cases for a future column. Reach me here. Anonymity preserved if… Read More »