LinkedIn to Attention Streams

By | May 11, 2007
TechCrunch spots a new feature on LinkedIn, the business network service, that allows people to see who has been looking at their profile. Commenters liken it to MyBlogLog and call it a social networking feature, which is true, but only part of the story. I’d say it is also an example of an early foray into the world of attention data. From the point of the person doing the viewing, who they view and what they click on would be the kind of information that would feed into an attention stream (i.e. outgoing data) and go to tailoring the content of that person’s data feed (i.e. the incoming information):

clipped from

Users choose what information they’d like to disclose when viewing a profile (name and headline, anonymous profile characteristiscs, or don’t show any info). The default choice is the anonymous profile information.

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