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Boingling Along

By | June 14, 2006

Another social annotation tool, this time called Boingle, put together by Greg Martin, who writes: Boingle is a stripped down social annotation system that lets you annotate within web pages with the result being a simple markup (“Boingles (2)”) that looks as though it belongs in the page, much as a link titled “Comments (4)” looks normal within… Read More »

HP Blogger Deletes Another Customer Comment

By | May 11, 2005

A few days ago I wrote about HP’s censoring, and then uncensoring, of a comment to its blog. The removal of the comment caused a furore and led to the HP blogger, David Gee, apologising and acknowledging the good learning experience: This was a good learning experience for us and we strive to maintain honest and open communication… Read More »

Website Annotation Is Back?

By | March 16, 2005

Techdirt points to an effort by Slate’s Paul Boutin  to Make Website Annotation Cool Again. As Techdirt points out, this idea — where surfers can add their comments to websites so that others who use the same annotation software can view them, and add their own comments — is not new. (The semi-official term is Web Annotation.) I… Read More »

More On Plaxo

By | January 29, 2004

Further to my outburst about Plaxo, and the suggestion that people you don’t know can add their contacts to your Outlook address book without your permission, I’m pleased to see that someone from Plaxo has added their comments (at the bottom of that posting). I’ve also received a more detailed response from someone in Plaxo’s privacy department, which… Read More »