Zone Labs to Offer Sygate, Kerio Users a Deal

By | November 30, 2005

From a press release emailed to me by Zone Labs, makers of Zone Alarm:

The personal firewall market is currently undergoing a major shift, with Symantec set to retire the Sygate line of personal firewalls tomorrow (including the free version and Sygate Pro), and Kerio discontinuing its personal firewall at the end of December to pursue an enterprise strategy. […] In order to help consumers affected by recent events, Zone Labs will be announcing a new promotion to Sygate and Kerio users later this week to ensure that consumers have essential firewall protection available at an affordable price.

Not clear what kind of offer yet, but I’ll let you know.

One thought on “Zone Labs to Offer Sygate, Kerio Users a Deal

  1. Bert

    The Zone Alarm Users Forum at
    indicates that some users have encountered problems since July 2005 when version 6 was released. Many existing Zone Alarm users have chosen to stay on version for the time being.


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