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The Limits of the Ribbon Revolution

By | April 26, 2007

The Microsoft Office Ribbon is really starting to take off. I’ve seen it in three applications in the past two days: a mindmapping program (I’m under embargo so can’t say which one), SmartDraw 2007, and even something like Mindomo (tenminut.es review here), an online mindmapping program. Here is a bunch of other programs using the Ribbon: Essential Studio, Radius,… Read More »

Extending Del.icio.us

By | November 29, 2005

Del.icio.us has come up with a new Firefox extension which includes toolbar buttons, a menu, context menus and search engine: Pretty neat, although for some reason my Firefox is behaving and won’t tolerate some popups. More on some alternatives to this in a future post. Related Posts:The New Investors For Del.icio.us April 11, 2005 Directing Del.icio.us June 24,… Read More »

Undermining the Browser

By | August 23, 2005

If it was from any other company it wouldn’t really matter, but Google’s Desktop Sidebar is important, not because it’s particularly new, but because it undermines the primacy of the browser. Loose Wire ‘s WSJ.com column in June looked at desktop widgets like Konfabulator and Klips before, as well as existing sidebars like the Desktop Sidebar, put together… Read More »

The Firefox Del.icio.us Toolbar

By | July 9, 2005

The guys at del.icio.us have launched a “very preliminary del.icio.us firefox toolbar at http://del.icio.us/toolbar/ : The button icons are placeholders and a product of Joshua’s creative fury. If you bring up the ‘customize’ toolbar palette in firefox, you can rearrange, remove or place the buttons on on any other customizable firefox toolbar. The icons are very basic, but… Read More »

The Anti-Phishing Toolbars That Didn’t

By | April 3, 2005

Here are the results of the toolbars that didn’t work out for me. Remember, the attack is clever enough to appear as a legitimate website in the URL box. The question is: Will the toolbar realise that’s not the only source of data appearing on the webpage?   Earthlink’s Scamblocker toolbar came out neutral: The text reads While… Read More »