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Software: More Search Options

 Talking of Outlook functionality, 80-20 have just come out with a new version of Retriever, a great search engine that integrates with Outlook (but also works from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, System Tray and Task Bar.)     Definitely worth a look. Also, the folks at IdeaLab have come up with a new beta version of their search product X1, which they seem pretty excited about. If you’re still looking for the perfect way to find stuff on your hard drive, give it a shot. There’s a free version which may or may not come with Adware; I haven’t checked what theirContinue readingSoftware: More Search Options

Software: Calendarscope

 Bored with Outlook, Lotus Organizer and the Palm Desktop, I’ve spent the past month or so with Calendarscope, and have to say it’s excellent. It doesn’t stray too far from any of the above, but adds some features — or improves on existing ones — to make it a real treat to use.     You can synchronize your data with Palm OS handhelds, print out a calendar, save it in HTML to publish it to the Web or on a company intranet. What I like about it most is its colour-coded capabilities, however. You can assign colours to different kinds of appointments and tasks,Continue readingSoftware: Calendarscope

Column: the all in one gadget

Loose Wire — All-in-One Gadgets: Compact But No Cure-All: The Sony Ericsson P800 is an Internet-enabled PC, hand-phone, digital organizer and camera rolled into one; But some things are better kept separate   By Jeremy Wagstaff   from the 10 April 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. If you’re anything like me, you hope the next gadget you buy will solve all the problems with your existing one — phone, palm-held device, lawnmower — only to find that in most cases, you’re forced to settle for something that may be better, but not necessarily in theContinue readingColumn: the all in one gadget

Column: search software

Loose Wire — Organize Me: Give us some software that really makes the information age meaningful   By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 3 April 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Every time I visit a computer shop I get nostalgic for the dotcom boom. In those days people with money were throwing their cash at people with ideas, however silly, with interesting results. Sure, most of the ideas were so dumb they never saw the harsh light of day — or the harsh light of a business model — but at least some new stuff wasContinue readingColumn: search software

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