Software: Calendarscope

By | July 14, 2003
 Bored with Outlook, Lotus Organizer and the Palm Desktop, I’ve spent the past month or so with Calendarscope, and have to say it’s excellent. It doesn’t stray too far from any of the above, but adds some features — or improves on existing ones — to make it a real treat to use.
You can synchronize your data with Palm OS handhelds, print out a calendar, save it in HTML to publish it to the Web or on a company intranet. What I like about it most is its colour-coded capabilities, however. You can assign colours to different kinds of appointments and tasks, customize the background, and, generally, make your day look a lot more interesting than it probably is. The program costs $30 but comes in a fully functional trial version. As with a lot of good software these days, it’s from Russia.

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