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Hoodwinked By Another Plaxo

By | August 4, 2004

Another embarrassing morning. Last night I tried out a new contacts/social networks program called ZeroDegrees, which promises to ‘connect you with the people you really need to reach through the people you already know’ etc etc. A sort of cross between Plaxo and LinkedIn. The software installs into Outlook and one or two other email clients. It then… Read More »

SpamBully Grows Up

By | April 2, 2004

A second version SpamBully, a Bayesian filter based spam fighter, has been released. SpamBully 2.0 integrates into Outlook and Outlook Express and introduces some new features: Email blocked based on the language of the email or the country of origin; A link analyzer looks for spam by following links in an email and analyzing the web pages. Realtime… Read More »

News: Outlook Ex-press? Or Look Out Ex, Press? Or Press Outlook, Ex?

By | August 19, 2003

 From the Do Microsoft Have Any Idea What They’re Doing? Dept comes another story about Microsoft products not quite gelling with reality. ZDNet Australia last week interviewed Microsoft Office product manager Dan Leach who said that Microsoft planned to halt development of Outlook Express, the email client that comes bundled with the browser Internet Explorer. Basically Microsoft seemed… Read More »

Column: search software

By | March 26, 2003

Loose Wire — Organize Me: Give us some software that really makes the information age meaningful   By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 3 April 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Every time I visit a computer shop I get nostalgic for the dotcom boom. In those days people with… Read More »