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The Return Of PaperMaster Pro

I’m a huge fan of software that scans and stores stuff for you, but the Holy Grail has always been out of reach in my view. No one program does it all. Right now I’m settling for ScanSoft’s PaperPort, which is about the only game in town, or was, until  j2 Global Communications, Inc relaunched their acquisition of a few years back, PaperMaster. Today I got an email from them touting their new PaperMaster Pro version 7 (I wasn’t counting too closely, but I must have missed 2 through 6). Anyway PaperMaster Pro looks like you can

  • Create PDFs from any office application or scan
  • Organize fast and easy
  • Find anything in seconds
  • Get powerful OCR – Never re-type any document
  • Fax easier via the internet with built-in eFax

which might make it worth a look. I certainly will, and I’ll get back to you, either in the blog or the column, or both. For now, I’m told the new features include being able to

  • Scan & staple pages to already filed paperwork
  • Scan to any folder with one click, for fast easy filing when you have piles of paperwork to file.
  • Auto-crop & page straighten improve the look and clarity of your scanned paperwork.
  • Batch file all your paperwork on your computer into PaperMaster in one easy step.

Oh, and loyal users get a $100 discount on the $199 price. Or is it Euros? The download purchase site isn’t clear.

The End Of Free Faxing?

What’s up with eFax, also known as j2, the (supposedly) free Internet fax people?

I received an email from j2 Global Communications today that said

Dear Jeremy,

Your account has been suspended and your eFax number 1-973-215-1210 is no longer accepting faxes.

If you wish to keep your eFax account, you may upgrade and reactivate your account immediately by using the following link.

If you do not reactivate your account by 12/16/2004, it will be closed and your eFax number will be reassigned to another user.

If you have recently upgraded your account, thank you, and please disregard this notice.

Sincerely, The eFax Free Team

Um. Now, I may have missed something along the line. eFax send out ‘third party ads’ to support the service so I tend to let all the junk emails they send me go into a spam bin [see note below on altered text]. So I may have missed a crucial email. But I can’t see anything in this email that explains why they’ve canceled my free account and why I suddenly have to upgrade ($13 ‘one time setup fee’ [sic] and $13 a month for the number).

Now of course I’m not a suspicious individual, so I’m assuming this has absolutely nothing to do with the almost simultaneous announcements of “the immediate availability of its eFax® service in three additional languages” (Spanish, German and French, in addition to existing services in English and Dutch) and today’s press release that “j2 Global Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: JCOM), the provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communications services, today announced the availability of eFaxSecure, a new service for its eFax Corporate(R) customers”.

I’m not supposing for a second that these announcements, which make no mention of any free services the company offers, or the apparent suspension of some of those services, are intended to cover up scrapping any such services (were any scrapping to have taken place). Nor would I dream of taking a closer look at whether a NASDAQ-listed company is supposed to alert investors to the suspension of discontinuation of services (were any discontinuation to have taken place) as much as the addition of new ones.

Still, if it is the end of free Internet faxing, it’s a shame. I never really used it that much these days, but it was nice to put on namecards. Perhaps with the rapid spread of VoIP services, these kind of things were anachronism anyway. I might see what their PR folk have to say about all this in any case, just to see whether I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

Mail: PaperMaster Pro Is A Big Disappointment

  An email from reader Fred Bennett sounds ominous. He’s tried Papermaster Pro — which I mentioned a few weeks back — for two days and says he is not impressed. He says the look and feel is worse than the old model, important features won’t work, and has seen files simply disappear when he’s tried to email them. The licensing method, too, is “scary and troublesome” and may mean that should the company go out of business and your computer crashes, there’s no way to reinstall the program. “Papermaster 98 is such a great program,” he concludes. “The new release is very disappointing.”
I’ll pass the comments onto J2, the company that now make the product, and try to get a response. I have yet to test the program simply because I couldn’t get it installed, but I shall now give it another shot. For those users in a similar predicament, I had a couple of suggestions in my earlier post. <