Mail: PaperMaster Pro Is A Big Disappointment

By | July 20, 2003
  An email from reader Fred Bennett sounds ominous. He’s tried Papermaster Pro — which I mentioned a few weeks back — for two days and says he is not impressed. He says the look and feel is worse than the old model, important features won’t work, and has seen files simply disappear when he’s tried to email them. The licensing method, too, is “scary and troublesome” and may mean that should the company go out of business and your computer crashes, there’s no way to reinstall the program. “Papermaster 98 is such a great program,” he concludes. “The new release is very disappointing.”
I’ll pass the comments onto J2, the company that now make the product, and try to get a response. I have yet to test the program simply because I couldn’t get it installed, but I shall now give it another shot. For those users in a similar predicament, I had a couple of suggestions in my earlier post. <

3 thoughts on “Mail: PaperMaster Pro Is A Big Disappointment

  1. Holli

    Papermaster Pro is really a wast. If I wouldn’t have a lot of Information scanned in the previous version (Papermaster 98). The licensing method is a horror, nearly every second day I have to phone because the lice^nce key seems to brake regulary in my sourrounding. The support is lousy and you rarrely get a proper answer, if you even hear from them. I used it know, for about half a year and not even the update solved the problem. If you don’t want trouble, keep away from the program

  2. peter weinman

    I, too, am an old customer using papermaster 98 on my home & notebook computers. After spending nearly half an hour on hold waiting to speak with the sales department to get the answer to what I thought were some easy questions (see below), I was told to call another number. After another fifteen minutes on hold, I was told that I’d called the “existing customer” helpline and that my questions could only be answered by the sales department. I am giving up.

    My questions were:
    1. can the new version share a cabinet with the old version?
    2. does “activation” mean that the program cannot be installed on multiple machines? I currently have my papermaster 98 installed on 2 computers and they point to the same folders. I fear the new version will not allow this.

  3. Bruce Shachat

    Need help with Paperamster 98 files taking files and trying to copy them in another computer as they will not copy over. Anyone have any thoughts. Thank you for your help.


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