5 thoughts on “Jaiku’s Presence Absence

  1. Josh Catone says:

    Thanks for the response, but remember that Google also owns Dodgeball — which does location awareness stuff. And Google hasn’t done much with it yet. Why buy Jaiku if the part they want is something they already have?

    I think the truth may lie somewhere in the middle: They want to do both… social profile aggregation and location aware mobile social networking.

    That’d be a pretty killer app. 🙂

  2. just remember, jaiku is Finnish for dodgeball.

    personally i have been creeped out one too many times by net applications that know a bit too much about where I am in space – I turned off Plazes for that reason.

  3. Thanks for writing this response to the ReadWriteWeb post. I wanted to write something myself but you’ve really nailed it. I think you’re spot on in saying that Google are shifting the social web (even the entire web?) to mobile.

    This fuss over Jaiku’s numbers is a storm in a teacup. Hears a thought I haven’t seen anywhere else. What does everyone think will happen to the user numbers when Jaiku is launched as the default address book in every single Android mobile phone?

    I feel a blog post of my own coming on…

  4. Just to follow on, if you’re interested I’ve now expanded on my thoughts on how Jaiku can catch Twitter in the micro blogging space, with a little help from Google Android: http://jonathanmulholland.com/2008/01/11/think-jaiku-is-loosing-to-twitter-wait-till-android-devices-start-shipping/

  5. […] ago, a few early social networks gave a preview of the potential of this technology. Services like Jaiku (bought and abandoned by Google) allowed users to indicate their location, in a way friends could […]

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