2 thoughts on “Google & Jaiku: It’s About Mobility

  1. Stalked by your Mobile

    Jeremy writes an excellent post on Jaiku’s purchase by Google. Stowe noted it’s ramifications for telephony and others being blindsided (I agree with this and Google is being underestimated). Aswath takes another angle in referring to OAuth. Identity i…

  2. Danny says:

    This is frightening. I’ve been observing google’s evolution for a while now, and they are getting scary.

    When I was younger I made this theory, just for fun, stating that all of the modern IT and Telcom was in fact a gigantic plot to keep track of everybody’s life.

    What worries me a bit, is that it’s more or less happening.

    Mobile + gps + Web 2.0 + “life tracking adds”…

    Now more or less anybody can know how and what you think and where you are and what for…

    We know you, Mr Anderson.

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