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By | January 12, 2008


The Loose Wire empire groweth, with the soft launch this week of another blog, a sister site to tenminut.es called ten mov.es.

The idea behind it is simple: how to do stuff in ten moves or less.

The idea behind it grew from frustration that I couldn’t easily find instructions about how to do things, from simple things like using RSS, to very specific things to adding someone’s online photo to an Outlook contact. When users asked me how to do something like this, or I figured how to do something once and then promptly forgot how, I figured it may as well be a website in its own right.

I’ve tried to make the moves as easy as possible, and to accompany them with screenshots where I can. If you’ve got suggestions of your own I’d love to hear them. I added two new items today: sending SMS messages from your computer and sending files quickly from one place to another in XP.

Subscribers to the Loose Wire Service, Loose Wire’s weekly column for print publications, may use any of the items, and the screenshots, from tenmov.es and tenminut.es as part of their quota. Please let me know which items you’d like to use.

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