Hullo Changes the Game

Interesting new step forward for the phone, with a “personal call manager” service called “hullo”. The significance? It brings to an end certain restrictions on what a phone is and what it can do:

  • we’re now much more likely to be moving about when we talk, but until Hullo we were still tethered to a single line: Now you can move between one phone and another (on a different line) midway between a conversation (hullo Handoff)
  • we can forward, block or hold calls but we can’t forward, block or hold people: Hullo lets us decide who can contact you and how they do it; (hullo FindMe)
  • phones used to be one on one; now they’re one on many (hullo Chat);
  • phones have been weak as broadcasting tools (multiple SMS was about as good as they got). Now you can send a personal voice message to everyone you want (hullo Blast)

Intriguing stuff, and don’t be put off by the student/young folks twang the website has. Windows only.

2 thoughts on “Hullo Changes the Game

  1. Dead2.0 says:

    Hullo. Is there anybody in there?

    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone home?
    Well, it looks like yet another VOIP service launched this week.  Its called hullo and half of their logo is on the right (thats what you get for not making your logo easil…

  2. wicak says:

    dude, you forgot to mention one major item. it only works in the continental US & Canada. not much use for the rest of the world.
    i also wish the technology part was a bit clearer, was it all voip or do they link up with the Phone Co. ?


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