Hullo Changes the Game

By | August 23, 2006

Interesting new step forward for the phone, with a “personal call manager” service called “hullo”. The significance? It brings to an end certain restrictions on what a phone is and what it can do:

  • we’re now much more likely to be moving about when we talk, but until Hullo we were still tethered to a single line: Now you can move between one phone and another (on a different line) midway between a conversation (hullo Handoff)
  • we can forward, block or hold calls but we can’t forward, block or hold people: Hullo lets us decide who can contact you and how they do it; (hullo FindMe)
  • phones used to be one on one; now they’re one on many (hullo Chat);
  • phones have been weak as broadcasting tools (multiple SMS was about as good as they got). Now you can send a personal voice message to everyone you want (hullo Blast)

Intriguing stuff, and don’t be put off by the student/young folks twang the website has. Windows only.

2 thoughts on “Hullo Changes the Game

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  2. wicak

    dude, you forgot to mention one major item. it only works in the continental US & Canada. not much use for the rest of the world.
    i also wish the technology part was a bit clearer, was it all voip or do they link up with the Phone Co. ?



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