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Update: Writing in August 2006, I’ve decided to turn this page into a list of Skype conversation recording software, after asking this back in January 2005:

One drawback of Skype: recording conversations. For a journalist this is quite an important drawback since recording an interview over the phone is as necessary as recording an interview face to face. J. Murali wrote a couiple of days ago about the problem in The Hindu : Business : Recording Skype sessions and some solutions, but he wasn’t impressed:

This author did a little research on the Net to get the details of the recording solutions already implemented by Skype enthusiasts and could spot some of them. But, unfortunately, most solutions found were difficult to implement.

Anybody else got any better solutions?

Quite a few folk have since added their suggestions, out of which I’ve cobbled together the following. I haven’t tried some of these, and to be honest, I’ve still not come across one that completely satisfies me. Problems I’ve encountered are recording latency (where two people’s words overlap with each other on the recording where they didn’t in real life), lack of tweakability of sound levels so the two voices are the same and easy ways to give the resulting files filenames. But maybe one of these cracks it.


  • SkyLook: Skylook is a unified messaging platform built around Outlook and Skype. As part of this unified messaging, Skylook records all voice calls to MP3 and archives them in a folder within Outlook.
  • HotRecorder: Doesn’t mention on its website that it handles Skype calls but I recall it used to.
  • iSound: turn your computer into complete audio recording studio.
  • Pamela: answering machine, auto chat reply, birthday reminder, auto Skype status change when in a call, call/video/chat recording etc.
  • PrettyMay: Lets you record and replay any Skype call easily and simply. Saves in mp3.
  • 123 SoundRecorder: record your own music, voice or other sound into MP3, OGG VOX or WAV files from microphone, music cassettes, CDs, LP’s, games as well as from music played by other program like Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. (doesn’t mention it records Skype but allegedly it does)
  • Call Soft VoIP: Call Soft VoIP is a call manager for voice over IP networks. 


  • Audio Hijack Pro: Among other things, lets you record voice chat (from applications like Skype or iChat) into mp3.
  • Call Recorder: an easy way to record your Skype calls and podcast interviews. Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your calls into QuickTime movies.

I’m sure there are more…

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