Skype Comes To Asia

By | January 24, 2005

Skype has teamed up with Korea’s Daum Communications to offer a co-branded Korean version of the pseudo-VOIP free telephony service.

Korea has the highest penetration of broadband in the world, and Daum claims 37 million members, so this could be quite a hit there. There’s no mention of whether the service offers Skype Out services, where Skype users can call reach non-Skype users via normal PSTN lines, but I imagine it will at some point. (A problem outside the big countries is getting Skype credits, something Skype says it’s looking into.)

Daum also plans to offer other services over the network: “Additionally, Daum-Skype will develop unique community building applications to expand the value proposition for Korean users. Programs promoting common-interest study and discussion will be rolled out later this year.”

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