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News: China Awash With Viruses

By | November 2, 2003

 I’m sure this is true in other part of Asia: The majority of Chinese computers are infected by viruses, according to a survey conducted by the public information network security supervision bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. CyberAtlas says 85 percent of computers in China were affected by viruses in 2003 – 1.59 percentage points higher than… Read More »

Update: More Evidence That SoBig Was, Er, So Big

By | September 12, 2003

 Just in case you thought we were making all this virus stuff up, here are some interesting new statistics from MailWatch, “a leading Spam-blocking, virus-scanning and content-filtering service protecting corporate networks worldwide”, which said they intercepted 24 times as many viruses in August than they did in July. This, needless to say, is something of a record for… Read More »

Update: How Anti-virus Companies Are Making Things Worse

By | September 12, 2003

 Fridrik Skulason, founder of anti-virus maker FRISK, has fired off a broadside about a problem I looked at in recent postings and my last Dow Jones column (sorry, subscribers only…): that some anti-virus companies are partly to blame for the recent e-mail flood generated by the Sobig.F worm. In an open letter, he wrote: “What I am referring… Read More »

Update: It Isn’t Over Until The Fat Lady Starts Writing Viruses

By | September 12, 2003

 Fridrik Skulason’s open letter draws attention to another point: that while Sobig.F was scheduled to die out on Sept. 10, we might just have been lucky this time. He compares the two recent attacks — Sobig and Blaster — and concludes that if the guy or guys who write the next version of Sobig look closely, they may combin… Read More »

News: Two Young Fellas Nabbed For The TK Worm

By | September 10, 2003

 Two young Brits have been charged in connection with the TK Worm (also known as Troj/TKBot-A), which appeared last year and caused an estimated £5.5 million worth of damage. Jordan Bradley, 20, of Bates Avenue, Darlington, and Andrew Harvey, 22, of Scardale Way, Durham, are believed by the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) to be members of… Read More »