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Update: Worms Still Worming

By | September 8, 2003

 Viruses still plague many networks and not everyone is taking it lightly: U.S. colleges are getting tough on students with infected PCs, unplugging them and fining them, Associated Press reports.   Back-to-back waves of devastating infections that spread quickly across the Internet during August crippled some college and high school networks just before the start of the fall semester.… Read More »

Software: A Virus Alternative

By | September 5, 2003

 Further to my earlier post about the rising virus conflict, one option to consider is a non-mainstream Anti Virus program. There are some out there, and they might just do a better job of saving your hide: They may work better, and they may put out updates faster. One is the unfortunately named NOD32, from Eset Software which… Read More »

News: We’re Losing the Virus Arms Race

By | September 4, 2003

This week’s New Scientist confirms what readers of this blog already knew about the growing imbalance in the virus arms race. Antivirus specialists, the mag says, are fighting a losing battle against malicious code like viruses and worms. Research undertaken at Hewlett-Packard’s labs in Bristol, UK, is the first to evaluate the effectiveness of antiviral software. It shows… Read More »

Update: A Sobig Primer

By | August 27, 2003

 From the Annoying And Pointless Email Notification Dept comes this: an automated alert from a website that doesn’t quite get it. As you know, the Sobig virus/worm spreads like crazy because it raids people’s address books and then fires off copies of itself to emails it finds there. But to confuse people into thinking the email is legitimate… Read More »