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Carrier IQ Bits and Pieces

By | December 2, 2011

Some background about Carrier IQ before the hullabaloo started. People had found about this before Some in the industry questioned why such an expensive solution for a relatively simple problem Data was available to ‘market researchers’ Software was installed on modems too A lot of carriers were involved This is not new. Several people have pointed this out… Read More »

Update: Office Update You Should Probably Have

By | November 5, 2003

 If you’ve already upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003 (why, exactly?) there’s an update you should download. This update, Microsoft says in its understated way, “fixes a problem that occurs when you try to open or to save a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 file, a Microsoft Office Word 2003 file, or a Microsoft Office Excel 2003 file that includes… Read More »

Update: Online Music Gets Nasty

By | November 5, 2003

 This whole online MP3 download service business is getting nasty. The Register reports that MusicMatch and Apple, once in cahoots, are now doing what they can to elbow the other off the stage. “Apple and MusicMatch are locked in a battle to see who can infect as many personal computers with DRM (digital rights management) as quickly as… Read More »

News: Blogging And The Art Of Organisation.

By | November 5, 2003

 Very interesting article from Fast Company on where blogging may be going: turning an individual into a virtual organisation and leveraging the Internet’s natural community-building tendency to run it. The focus is the legendary Joi Ito. Related Posts:The Real And Lucrative Art Of Mobile Blogging February 16, 2004 News: Blog Maps and the Art of Gathering July 18,… Read More »

News: Online Music Sites Compared

By | November 4, 2003

 If you’re confused about the abundance of online music sites, here’s a chart comparing what they offer, and what they lack, from The Philadelphia Inquirer. Related Posts:News: Another Online Music Store September 29, 2003 Update: Online Music Gets Nasty November 5, 2003 Column: the problem with online music November 5, 2002 Update: More DRM Woes For Online Music… Read More »